News Announcement

News Announcement
Kidney Machine for Guy’s Hospital.
At C&S Controls we are proud to give our support to the Rotary Club of Bexley who have set up a project to purchase a Profusion (EVNP) machine for the kidney unit at Guy’s Hospital. The EVNP is a warm kidney machine that warms and revives a transplant kidney, keeping it in a living state by providing it with nutrients and oxygenated blood. A living kidney allows surgeons to assess the organs’ function before transplant, helping to reduce the number of kidneys sadly rejected due to uncertainty over their condition after transportation between donor and recipient.


C&S Controls Ltd announces the launch of the C&S 349 Series Relay. The Relay has been developed in collaboration with EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd, to replace the obsolete Precision C349E Series of Relays. Re-engineered from OEM drawings and specifications the C&S 349 Relay will be available in all standard contact configurations and materials that equipped the Precision C349E Relays; standard DC coils available are 24VDC, 48VDC, 50VDC & 110VDC. For enquiries and additional information please complete the form on our contact page.

25th June 2015

We are pleased to announce that C&S Controls have acquired the relay manufacturing company Precision Relays Ltd., of Inverness Scotland. The company has relocated and will share our Bexleyheath home, where we will continue to manufacture, supply and support the Precision and Pioden brand of relays.

“The Precision and Pioden range of relays provide an excellent complement to the range of relays manufactured by C&S Controls. At the same time it is our goal to provide the customers of Precision Relays with the same levels of service, support and commitment to quality that we aim to deliver to all of our customers”

Cliff Berry
Sales Director

UK manufacturer of solenoids and relays