B&R Relays

CO1 Heavy Duty Relays

B&R CO1 Relay

A general purpose multi contact open frame relay for application where shock resistance is required, or a directly wired open style is preferred. Relay coils up to 650V 50Hz or 250VDC are supported and special current coils available for operation up to 60 amps. There is a choice of mounting brackets and the following contact combinations are available: make, break, changeover and make before break (K action) changeover.

CO3 Heavy Duty Relays

B&R CO3 Relay

A versatile heavy duty open framed relay for applications where a shock resistance is required. Relay coils up to 650V 50Hz or 250VDC supported; Current and 60 Hz operate coils available. Combination of up to 4 changeover heavy duty contacts. Plus up to 4 auxiliary changeover contacts.

Technical information

For technical data and further information about CO1 and CO3 Relays, please view the documents below
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B&R CO1 Relay Datasheet PDF     B&R CO3 Relay DatasheetPDF

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