D2900 Relays

D2900 RelayD2900 are high integrity plug-in relays with transparent covers and a choice of front or rear terminal sockets and racks. Extensively used throughout the Power Industry for power switchgear and safety related systems. Available with a choice of contact combinations and materials to suit most applications. All relays and sockets can be fitted with fouling pins to prevent interchangeability between different relays.

Technical information

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D2900 Relay Datasheet PDF

Relays available

D2900/standard Up to 4 normally open or closed pairs, or 2 changeover sets.
D2900/B Relay with magnetic ars quenching and Silver Cadmium Oxide contacts, for DC power applications.
D2900/LM Latching relay with manual reset.
D2900/FG Relay with flag indication of operational state.
D2900/IR Relays with ‘AC withstand’ capability to CGB-CCS (1960) for 50Vdc supply.
D2900/PM Panel mounted relay.

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