SM Solenoids

SM Solenoid

We have a range of seven stripped frame solenoids to suit a wide range of push and pull applications. There is a choice of AC* or DC operating coils (SM00 & SM5 Solenoids are DC operation only). There are two miniature solenoids for light high speed applications and five robust general purpose solenoids. Thrust rod lengths are to order. Solenoids are suitable for intermittent duty where loads can be significantly increased and are RoSH compliant.

CM-WM Solenoids

CM WM Solenoids

These heavy duty RoSH compliant solenoids are available for loads from 13N to 1557N, and strokes from 6mm to 178mm. Built to order to meet a wide range of customer and applications requirements and designed to give a long trouble-free life in the toughest conditions. Plungers are nickel plated running in brass sleeves for a longer operational life.

Technical information

For technical data and further information about SM, CM or WM Solenoids, please view the documents below
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SM Solenoid Specification PDF     CM-WM Solenoid Specification PDF

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